Friday, October 9, 2009


   A prime example of true Clusterfusion has to be the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of accomplishments that are planned but have not and may not come to pass. (Reminiscent of the ghost of Christmas Future) .
  In the spirit of this precognitive clusterfusion ; would someone please put me up for Pulitzer Prize 'cause I'm gonna write better someday - swear ta god.
     If I win I don't need any monetary awards or trophies  - just gimme some of that high-grade nobel weed them good ol' Norwegian boys be smokin'.
   While we're at it let's give an award posthumously to Ralph Kramden who had all the best intentions of putting a woman on the moon.
    Clusterfusion is now heralded by five dusty old farts sporting asshats. whodda thunk?
This is truly a triumph for Clusterfusion in a clustermungous way.   goodnight Chet....



Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coffee Test

Another test - coffee fusion


Test post

Test to see if email subscriptions work


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Government Clusterfusion

It has long been believed that clusterfusion in government was just part of the job.
Researchers now are of the opinion that it can be caused by a physical condition known as Cranium Rectal Immersion (Crimmersion). Crimmersion can be rectified(no pun intended) easily by merely manually removing the cranium from the offending area and into the light of day.
Unfortunately, attempting the reversal of Crimmersion in large governing groups can lead to further clusterfusion and cause them to go into the dreaded clusterfusion loop possibly leading to deeper immersion and even causing a self created wormhole and disappearance.
I think we have all seen the effects of this recently.
Any solutions for govt. clusterfusion will be welcome, please keep it clean.(and funny)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Roasting from start
To Finish
Full article and pictures coming soon......



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