Friday, October 9, 2009


   A prime example of true Clusterfusion has to be the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of accomplishments that are planned but have not and may not come to pass. (Reminiscent of the ghost of Christmas Future) .
  In the spirit of this precognitive clusterfusion ; would someone please put me up for Pulitzer Prize 'cause I'm gonna write better someday - swear ta god.
     If I win I don't need any monetary awards or trophies  - just gimme some of that high-grade nobel weed them good ol' Norwegian boys be smokin'.
   While we're at it let's give an award posthumously to Ralph Kramden who had all the best intentions of putting a woman on the moon.
    Clusterfusion is now heralded by five dusty old farts sporting asshats. whodda thunk?
This is truly a triumph for Clusterfusion in a clustermungous way.   goodnight Chet....




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